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MOLLIE GETSON, Violinist (on 'Clocks')

BACK OF MY MIND (Elaine's Song)


 Copyright ℗ & © 1993 Charlie Stamas


This 'just for fun' recording is a rendition of a little-known Beatles song that I've always loved.  Their original 1963 recording was a classic dancible-Beatle tune, but I always thought it would have made a great slow song because it was so sad.  All I can tell you is as a kid those amazing (John and Paul) harmonies just banged around inside my head and it was those harmonies that made this song so special to me.

Here's me, 30+ vocal overdubs and a guitar in a brief verse-chorus demo.   It's best listened to with ear buds or headphones.  Hope you like it.

P.S.  the original Beatles recording still makes me cry.   

There's A Place Copyright © 1963 Lennon-McCartney

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