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Charlie w Taylor Reed
Charlie with violinist Mollie Getson
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2017-07-14 Charlie Two Frogs Brewing



Charlie Stamas is a Tampa Bay performer, 'cover-artist' from Tarpon Springs, Florida. Years back Charlie opened for several nationally-known Christian artists and bands across Central Florida and appeared on local Christian Television numerous times.  He has performed 'countless solos' at Pasco County's mega-church Calvary Chapel Worship Center and has acted in several of their musical productions including a lead role.  He and Brent Woody, his former music producer also wrote and recorded music jingles.

Charlie and his wife Elaine served as part-time Native American Christian missionaries in Montana assisting resident Pastors for a number of years.  They ministered in prisons, drug rehab centers and juvenile detentions centers in and around the Native reservations.  Elaine Stamas plays an authentic Native American drone-flute.

Currently Charlie is the Praise and Worship leader at Bound to Christ, a non-denominational church in Shady Hills, Florida led by Pastor Jack Ratliff.   This small church works closely with the surrounding neighborhoods, serving the community with a focus on Shady Hills' youth.

Charlie is relatively new to Tampa Bay's 'bar and restaurant music scene'.  He is described as a passionate singer, an 'energy singer' and his guitar work, a unique mix of riffs and rhythms.  You'll enjoy his personal style-spin as he plays hits from Ed Sheeran, Lucas Graham, Passenger, X-Ambassadors, Matisyahu, Audioslave, The Black Crowes, The Lumineers, favorites by Coldplay, The Frey, Oasis, Hall & Oates, Tom Petty, Neil Young, The Eagles, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles.   

Thank you


All photos (except cover):

  James M. Thomas & George N. Stamas

Cover photo (and my best friend):

  Elaine H. Stamas


  Brent Woody

CPA  Randall 'Randy' Drake


  Brad Turner


  Mollie Getson

  Nick 'C' Stamas

  Amelia Stamas

  Corrie Ladd

  Elaine Stamas 

  Emily Ratliff


  Jim Marone


  Ian Lawson

  Chris Metz 'The Hat'

  Steve Sirignano
MY BROTHERS  Thank you for:

  George Stamas:  inspired musical beginnings

  James Stamas:  helping me find North!








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Charlie Stamas photo1